Dream body course

Why subscribe?

  • Losing extra weight.
  • Getting in shape and building muscles.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle.
  • Gaining weight and getting healthier.
  • Getting more self-esteem.

Course features

  • Scientific and safe calculation of calories.
  • Supplements guidance when necessary.
  • Questions answering.
  • Exercising schedule
  • Daily follow up on the app.
  • Progress and milestones checking
  • Tailored programs for every trainee.
  • Continuous support and guidance.

Get the body of your dreams, online.

Online communication is an efficient way for training. As for the club, you can meet the trainers once or twice a week, but what about the rest of the week? Also in the club, the trainer follows with you for some time, but is not always around for popping up questions. While being online enables us to communicate together any time during the day

How to subscribe?

Go to your apps store.

Download Amira Elfahd app and signup.

Enter your basic information.

Subscribe to the course.

Await your confirmation message and account activation.

Get in touch with Amira Elfahd and setup your program

Get the body of dreams

+1000 participants from different +50 countries.

One of the blessings I had this year is you Amira. You changed my life 180 degrees. I just would love to thank you very much and thank god that I met you.

I never imagined that. I thought that I would suffer a lot until I lose weight. Even the exercises that I used to do for only two weeks in a row, now I get super excited for it and want practice everyday. Even my progress is much better and that’s only in 2 months. Thanks a million Amira. I love you. You are a true source of happiness. And on top of that, I can have 15g of chocolate.

I’m very happy and optimistic about our start. I had a dress as a present which I couldn’t wear because it was tight, now it fits me. Thank you coach.

You have no idea how pleased I was with the results. I started with a fat percentage of 51% and now I’m 40% and it’s all because of you and your methodology and science. Thank you Amira from the bottom of my heart.

How can I describe my happiness! I’m so excited that even my daughter felt the same. I have been looking at my body with despair for the past few years. I will never forget this day.

May god bless you for all the support you provided me with. My body changed completely and everyone noticed that.

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